Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Winner of Juried Show at The Witte Museum

I was one of the proud winners of the Inspire Fine Arts Center Annual Juried Exhibition at The Witte Museum.
The show featured a lot of wonderful work by local San Antonio artists. This particular piece, "Questionable Circumstances" was made with wax and oil. A journalist from SA Scene interviewed me about the work asking such questions as, 'what influenced this piece?". My work is created so in the moment, but for this, I was strongly influenced by the color red. The red just says so much in itself, hot, rich, luxurious, passion, movement, action, life. My composition of two separate rectangles separated by some aluminum tape (I tend you use tape a lot in my work) is reminisent of a landscape. The aluminum adds to the wonderful reflective quality of wax and how in differing light, it will share all the lucious marks and textures.
To see more of my latest work: http://www.johannagardner.com/


scott davidson said...

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Margie's OneOffs said...

Hello Johanna, firstly cogratulation on your award...well done!
My name is Margie, I live in South Australia, I am a mixed media artist who has dabbled a little in encaustics and it has captured my imagination and I am keen to explore it much more in the future. What an amazing medium to create with. anyway enough about me.
I have just been having a look at some of your beautiful artworks. Your landscapes are so beautiful...I like the colours you choose and put together.
The colours really work together and compliment each other, just as God intended. You are able to capture the beauty in nature, as you see it, then recreate it for us to enjoy. I am about to watch your videos...yay. I truly hope I get to see some of your work close up one day, instead of just on my computer screen. Are you teaching encaustics to anyone? if so I'd love to know more of that, especially if you were ever to come to Australia, I'd be there. I am intending to do a workshop with Patricia Segglebrach next July in Melbourne, Australia. If I can wait that long!!?? Also I think it's cool that you are a minister and Marry people..my hubby is a Minister and feels so privileged when gets to Marry a young couple. All the best to you with your "creativity-ness". God's Peace to you, Kind Regards from Margie Goodluck